Materials and Tools Required


Sterilite 2.5 Qt FlipTop (reaction chamber)
Tetra Whisper 10 Aquarium Air Pump (for enhancing airflow)
Air Tubing and Air Stone (for creating the humid air)
Empty Sabra Hummus Container, 10 oz or equivalent shape container - needed only for spacing the lid below in the right position above the water
Lid from 1 quart yogurt container or equivalent - needed only for holding a coffee filter that holds the calcium hydroxide
You will also need a high purity source of calcium or magnesium hydroxide. Such calcium hydroxide can be purchased as pickling lime or as kalkwasser for saltwater aquariums.

Tools Needed

  • Scissors (useful for cutting air tubing)
  • If you do not already have a scale for weighing, you will need one that has a precision to the nearest 0.1 g or less (0.01 g is preferable).
Tools for the optional Box and Fan setup
  • Drill with 8/32” drill bit (for fan mounting holes)
  • Box cutter (for scoring and cutting the fan ventilation holes)
  • Sharpie or other permanent marker (optional but very useful)
  • Small reciprocating saw (optional - would be useful for cutting the round ventilation holes on the sides of the file box)

Optional Materials for Testing

  • 5% distilled white vinegar (for testing for CaCO3)
  • Spoon (for dispensing Ca(OH)2 without the need to pour it)

Assembly Time Required

Minimal unit assembly takes a few minutes, assuming you’ve already eaten the hummus from the hummus container. The file box + fan assembly can be done in 2 hours following the provided instructions.