Construction: Box and Fan (Optional for Experimentation Only)

The fan has two sides, each with four corners with anti-vibration foam pieces held in place by screws. The fan grilles are also held in place with these screws. The fan will blow air in the direction of back to front, so when we mount the fan on the side of the box, we expect it to pull air from inside and push it outside.
We will use one of the fan grilles as a template for where to drill holes into the side of the box, as well as where to cut the circular hole that will let the air through.
Disassemble the back of the fan to obtain just the grille by unscrewing the 4 screws at each corner. You will not need the anti-vibration foam piece at each corner for anything so those can be saved for other uses.
Once you have the back grille off, center it on the short side of the box, just under the plastic handle. You can use optional neodymium magnets to hold the grille in place by putting one magnet on the outside and one on the inside of the plastic side wall.
Next, score the plastic along the outermost circle on the grille with a box cutter blade. You may also decide to use a Sharpie to more clearly identify the hole to be cut. Instead of a box cutter blade, a small tooth reciprocating saw would be very helpful to avoid the initial breaks in the plastic caused by getting the hole started and widened.
Once the hole is cut, on the inside, take the 4 screws and back grille from the fan and slip one of the safety grilles between the back grille and the fan blade. A safety grille should also be added between the front grille and fan blade as well. One is not shown in the image below and to the right for initial airflow considerations, but it is advisable if you might have small external objects that could find their way through the front grille and into the fan blade.
For the input vent, repeat the hole-cutting process on the opposite side of the box from the fan, using the 8/32” screws and nuts provided with the safety grilles to add two safety grilles, one on the inside and one on the outside. The screws should face inward for best appearance.
Here is a picture of the fan from the side. The input vent is on the opposite side.